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We talk about all sorts of things here, such as como perder peso and the German thing known as the Fett Weg Faktor pdf.

We also talk about dogs, like the Pomeranian and the Doberman, and the 6 other dogs…no..7 other dogs. And some dogs even catch mesothelioma, which is a disease of the lungs popular with much older people.


I used to think the Pomeranian was a vegetable or a type of rug. It turns out it’s a dog. Available in a size that Paris Hilton can relate to. And i don’t think she put her dogs on one of those 1000 Calorie diets.

In germany, of course, weight loss is referred to as something else…not really something else…just their name for it in German, which is, obviously Schnell Abnehmen, which kind-of means fast weight loss. Of course those words in French, don’t exist. So they call weight loss Perdre du poids.